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Grounded Massage

Grounded in 20+years of Natural Meditation

Alison Brown, Massage therapist

About Me

Hi I'm Alison Brown, accredited deep tissue massage therapist. Through doing silent meditation retreats for 20+ years I have gained a deep understanding of how the body heals naturally. It has also given me an uncommon sensitivity to the deeper causes of pain in each person.

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live".

Jim Rohn

What to Expect

Shoulder Massage

What do you Charge?

$100 per hour

What type of massage is it?

Deep tissue massage for healing physical and emotional pain.

Who does it suit?

Anyone who wants to understand and heal pain.


Thanks Alison, the massage I received was sensitive and deep, you were fully present and supportive which allowed me to feel and release what was needed.

Maryanne. S

So much more than just a massage! A healing experience, releasing held emotions, purging the body.

Alison will read your body, and give you explanations as it goes. Liberating for the body and mind.


Alison has an extremely unique sensitivity to the person she is massaging. Each time I am able to contact and heal past hurt in my body and her insights are always spot on.

Sara. H

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Melville, Perth, Western Australia

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