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How the differnt types of magnesium effect the body.

As mentioned in the previous post my favourite type of Mg is Herbs Of Gold, Mag Forte (tablet form)

It contains- Mg Citrate, Mg Glycinate, Mg amino acid chelates and Mg orotate and the benefits are listed below.

Mg Citrate (salt)

• Works with nucleic acids to produce energy

• Is involved in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate protein production

• Signals transmission in nerves and muscles, blood pressure, blood glucose, and other functions.

• Can have a laxative effect which can help relieve constipation.

Mg Glycinate-

• Aids sleep

• Raises Mg levels quickly

• Reduces anxiety

• Highly bio available, most absorbable

• Raises levels quickly

• Doesn’t have laxative effect

• Promotes bone health

• Maintains normal heart rhythms

• Reduces PMS

• Amplifies sport performance

Mg Orotate-

• Improves athletic endurance

• Improves heart health

• Easily absorbed

Mg Chelate-

· Is bound to an amino acid or another organic molecule.

· This process, called chelation, helps to improve the absorption and bioavailability of magnesium in the body.

Take mag forte with food, best taken in the evening as I find it can make you drowsy if taken during the day. Start with one tablet and take a half tab, half an hour later then another half 30 minutes after that. Stop if it gives you loose stools.

Magnesium, other ways of using it-

Magnesium spray- spray onto skin.

Local Magnesium floats

Magnesium (Epsom salts from the supermarket) to a bath or foot bath.

All these ways will help your muscles relax. Experiment with a few different ways of applying it at different rates and find what works best for you.

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Jul 26, 2023

I always have been wondered about the difference types of magnesium and couldn’t find any good source. Yours was helpful with short explanation which helps me to come back to this article when I need to check which one is the right one for my current situation.

Jul 26, 2023
Replying to

That’s a great Idea to use it is a reference to come back too 👏😊

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