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Post massage self care.

After a massage is a crucial time for you to let the effects of the massage settle in your system. I think we all know instinctively that by rushing off to pick the kids up from school (or whatever the case may be) that we miss an opportunity to spend some quiet time with ourselves but there is actually more to it than that.

Quiet time

During a deep tissue massage with me you will be experiencing a lot and it takes some time for the body to readjust if you like, to the new sensations, the increased blood flow and also the information that comes out of your body.

I will have most likely communicated with you what it was I had sensed in the massage and while it will be very near to what you need to hear often times it will be in the quiet moments after the massage that you spend with yourself that either the exact meaning will come to you or you will just have time to digest and makes sense of what I have expressed to you.

The very best place to spend some quiet time alone with your glass of water is at the beach, preferably in a nice quiet spot. I know I know, most of you ladies will feel like this is a bit indulgent but the return on investment of just 20 minutes will make it worth it.

At the beach we always take our shoes off and so already you are getting the benefits of a gentle foot massage and the effects of grounding and negative ions along with a dose of vitamin D.

Drink a little Water

And last but by no means least, drinking filtered water is a great way to help you flush out the toxins that will have been dislodged during the massage. I will always provide a glass for you in the massage so drinking that and also another glass in the next hour and a half will have you feeling well hydrated.

I know that it isn’t always possible do everything that I’ve suggested but maybe it will inspire you to implement just one of the things I’ve mentioned in your own little way while you are on the way to pick up the kids from school. And if all else fails just remember to be kind to yourself.

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